5. Conclusion

Practical Applications

Now that we have discovered the optimal ratio of the binding agent (in our case, gelatin) to the ingredient needed to be binded together (in our case, fish paste), we can think of how we can use this relationship to our advantage for the betterment of foods. However, we must first understand why the bouncier and rounder a fish ball is, the more flavourful it seems. This ‘mixing up’ of the stimuli of touch (on the inside of the mouth) and taste can be the effect of a neurological phenomenon known as synesthesia. People with synesthesia have their five senses overlapping with each other, this means when one sense is triggered, another involuntarily triggers too (Eagleman, 2005).

We can learn from Jinhyun Jeon, a graduate student from the Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands, who designed spoons created to enhance the eating experience by targeting all five senses (McDermott, 2012). Jeon used six sensory elements: form, temperature, tactility, volume, weight, and colour (Chalcraft, 2012). Colours of red and orange to invoke feelings of hunger. The hollowness of the spoon influences and takes advantage of the auditory sense of the sound scraping against glassware, which gives off a ‘feedback response’ to tell the eater that he/she is doing things right. A spoon that is 40g in weight can make the eater feel full and satisfied. However, decreasing the weight to 10g, will enable us to feel the weight of food, making us more aware of the amounts of food that we are eating (Chalcraft, 2012).

While Jeon concentrates on the design of cutlery to stimulate the senses, we want to focus on the design of the food itself to achieve the same goal. Thus, fish balls can be rounder and bouncier to induce a springy motion of the mouth when chewing, creating a wholesome and nourishing feel even when fish balls are made with simple ingredients. More importantly, we must still remember that there are other foods that can also benefit from synesthesia through their bounciness, thus applying the knowledge of the best binding agent to ingredient ratio is very important to give consumers the perfect eating experience.

Areas for further study

As mentioned above, there are many other ways to further revamp the eating experience for round foods. Testing the best colour, temperature, density and form will give us the data to craft the perfect fish ball.


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