1. Some interesting facts about synesthesia

    • Women and left-handers make up the majority of the synethete population in the world

    • The female-to-male ratio is 3:1 (75%) in terms of the amount of synesthetes in the world

    • The neurological condition is considered “rare” since only 1 in every 2000 people in the world have synesthesia

    • Considering that this condition is caused in the left-hemisphere of the brain, there is a drastic surplus of left-handers that have synesthetic experiences

    • The most common form of synesthesia is called color-graphemic synesthesia, this means letters and numbers will be seen as different colors by synesthetes

    • There have been a total of over 60 different types of synesthesia in the world but there have only been a small amount of cases that have been thoroughly studied by medical professionals and scientists

    • Synesthetes have a superior memory

    • Math and logic are two areas that synesthetes are weak in due to the fact that the condition occurs within the left hemisphere of the brain

    All facts are from http://www.synesthesiatest.org/blog/synesthesia-statistics